During the exhibition, the guarding of the exhibits is provided at night, in the period from 18.00 to 9.00. During working hours (9.00 to 18.00), only general security is provided in the pavilion and exhibitors are responsible for the safety of their personal belongings at the stands.

The access to the pavilions for exhibitors is opened daily from 9.00 to 18.00. Visitor admission is from 10.00 to 18.00.

For your convenience, as well as for the most efficient solution of any issues that arise in the course of participation in the exhibition, the organizers are always present in the exhibition hall. You can always find a manager / coordinator / technical manager or representative of Iteca directly at the organizer’s stand, which is opened every day including the day of arrival from 9.00 to 18.00. You can find out the location of the organiser’s stand in the pavilion or at the registration desk.

To register the employees that will be working at the stand during the exhibition, you must use online registration on the website, where you need to input the details of the employees that will work at the stand in addition to other information and print badges with an electronic barcode.

The standard regulations allow for one employee for every 3 sq. m of space booked at the exhibition. I.e., if the area of your stand is 12 sq. m, your company is allowed to have 4 exhibition badges and to register 4 employees. If, for some reason, you need more badges we would like you to contact the manager of your event.

A special reception for exhibitors will work in the pavilion on the day of the arrival for those that ordered equipped stands. You will be able to exchange printed badges with bar code (see question number 36) for the official event badges in a plastic case. If several exhibitions are being held in the pavilion, please check which exhibition your company is involved to get the badge with the letterhead is your event.

Catalogues will be available at the front (registration) desk, or they will be delivered directly to your stand on the first day of the exhibition. The Manager of your event will inform you about the way that the catalogues will be distributed.

For the convenience of exhibitors and potential customers, an on-line version of the catalog is posted on the website of the event before the beginning of the exhibition and will remain there permanently. Potential partners and customers can always find information about your company using the on-line version of the catalog.

A special Evening Cocktail Reception is organized for exhibitors to relax and to socialize in an informal atmosphere. The manager and / or coordinator of the exhibition will give invitations to the Evening Cocktail to you on the first day of the exhibition at your stand. Each company is assigned 2 invitation tickets. Additional tickets can be ordered and paid for in advance or purchased for cash at the organizer’s stand according to availability.

You can have the warrant stamped at any time at the stand of the exhibition organisers.

The manager of the travel agency, who will be glad to assist you in official registration on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan is at the organizers' stand. Please contact us.

The last day of the exhibition is open until 16.00. We recommend all exhibitors to stay at the stands until this time, as the loading gate will not open before, handling operations are prohibited and transportation of items is not possible.

In order to take your exhibits from the exhibition hall smoothly, you must fill in the "permission for the transportation", which specifies the list of all item to be taken aways, including personal belongings, and sign this form at the office of the organizers. Problems with removal (transportation) of exhibits will not arise if you have this permission.

We recommend signing a request for an exhibition next year straight at the event in order to assign the current location of the stand to the company (according to statistics, about 40 % of the area for the next year can be booked directly at the exhibition), to choose the best location in advance and to get a discount on your booking.