As organizers, we try to make sure that exhibiting and preparation for the event give the least possible inconvenience and stress for our customers. Therefore, we recommend that you submit your exhibitor application possible. Firstly, it gives you the opportunity to choose the most advantageous location for your stand in the pavilion, and secondly, to discuss and sign a contract calmly, without haste, to pay you’re your place in installments over a period of time that is convenient for you.

The standard deadline for acceptance of applications is 3 weeks before the event; however, stands with an advantageous location at the venue are usually unavailable by this time. This is why we would suggest that you apply as soon as possible

The organizers offer companies that would like to make their display at the exhibition stand out as much as possible and that have an additional budget for exhibiting the opportunity to construct their stand independently using designs from third party contractors.

UNEQUIPPED SPACE is provided for this purpose, which is a place in the pavilion of an area of your choice. The cost of the site does not include any walls, electricity, carpet, or furniture. In this case, you will need to order the electrical connection from the organizers separately.

For the maximum convenience of the exhibitors, we provide the option of booking an equipped space, which is an exhibition stand furnished with a standard full set of equipment that minimizes the cost of exhibiting.

Typically, it includes walls, carpet, chairs, table, electricity socket, fascia board with company name (up to 15 letters - free). The exact set of equipment may vary depending on the stand size as well as the regulations which apply to that particular exhibition. Please check the configuration at the technical department of Iteca or consult the manager of your exhibition.

You may order accessories on the list in the Technical Manual of the exhibition. Our manager or the technical department of the exhibition will send this guide to you after receiving the application for participation. We recommend you to make an order in advance, as with late ordering the necessary equipment may not be in stock, or a 100% markup for the cost of its lease will be applied.

If the stand that is booked has an improved configuration, such as being open on two sides, open on three sides, etc.; special obligatory markups on the cost of exhibition space are applied: 10% for the corner position (open for 2 sides), 15% - for a "peninsula" (open for three sides), 20% for an “island” (open for all four sides).

The registration fee is mandatory for all exhibitors and must be paid once per company. It includes placing information in the catalogue (up to 1000 characters in Russian and English), inclusion in the online list of exhibitors, inclusion in the online catalog, printing of badges for the stand, exhibitor’s pack, the organization of the registration counter and registration system, printed and on-line versions of the catalog, advertising campaign and participation in a cocktail reception to celebrate the opening of the exhibition (2 tickets).

No, an advertising module in the catalogues of our exhibitions is an image for the promotion and advertisement of the company, provided in a graphical format (.cdr, .eps, etc.) and placed on a separate page of the catalogue. Depending on the cost, it can be colored or black-and-white.

Standard requirements for the advertising module A4 DOWNLOAD | pdf - 690 КБ

Standard requirements for the advertising module A5 DOWNLOAD | pdf - 554 КБ

In this age of rapid development of electronic communications, Iteca could not stay away and developed a new modern system of on-line registration of exhibitors and visitors which is integrated with a general database. This system allows the exhibitor to visit their individual company web-page in our system on the Internet at a convenient time and enter the necessary information about the names of employees who will work on the stand; to add a description of the company for the catalog, to download a variety of documents and manuals about the exhibition and more. All of this information can be edited over time, which is also an important factor in preparing for the exhibition. To open the web page of your company in our system, you must know the login and password which will be communicated to you by the manager/coordinator of the respective event.

Our company, being the organizer of exhibitions and conferences in almost all sectors of the economy, has an extensive and updated database on virtually all operating enterprises in the Republic. The main means of attracting visitors to us is direct, often personal mailing of the invitations to CEOs of companies that are engaged in an area of business which makes them potentially suitable for bringing to the exhibition as visitors.

Iteca has a special department responsible for maintaining, verifying and updating the database, as well as drawing up the lists of potential visitors and to mailing invitations. Our department that is responsible for the attraction of the visitors uses all the modern means of communication - telemarketing, e-mail, SMS notification, and express delivery of letters, invitations and more.

In addition to the most effective direct delivery, our company actively places information about the exhibition in local and international print and electronic media, as well as using banners and posters on the streets and other types of outdoor advertising. Our professional PR team writes press releases and news reports about the event, which provides additional advertising.

Text description of the company for the official catalogue of the exhibition must be in 2 languages (English and Russian), up to 100 words (1000 characters) plus general contact information about the company (telephones, faxes, e-mail address, etc.)

The deadline for submission of descriptions for the catalogue is 2 months before the event. However, we usually recommend that exhibitors provide a description as soon as possible, right after application. This will help to avoid misunderstandings later and to make a translation, if necessary.

In such cases, please fill out an application for the payer, while indicating the name of the participating company in brackets.

Yes, the seal and the signature of the director are required in the application form.

The graph TOTAL COST in the application form contains the final cost of participation excluding VAT. The rate of VAT in the Republic of Kazakhstan is 12% and will be added to the total cost on the bill. The amount including VAT is indicated in the contract.

The main business activity of «ITECA» LLP (I T E C A) is the organization of exhibitions and conferences.

According to paragraph 1 of Article 230 of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget" (hereinafter - the Tax Code), the taxable circulation (income) is a circulation (income) performed by the payer of value added tax:

  • 1) For the sale of goods, works and services in the Republic of Kazakhstan, except for non-taxable circulation (income) referred to the Article 232 of the Tax Code;
  • 2) For the acquisition of works and services from non-resident, non-payer of value added tax in the Republic of Kazakhstan and not carrying on business through a branch office.

Based on Article 232 of the Tax Code, non-taxable circulation (income) is the circulation (income) of sales of goods, works and services:

  • 1) Exempt from value added tax under the Tax Code.
  • 2) The place of supply for which is not the Republic of Kazakhstan. At the same time, the place of supply for goods, works and services is determined in accordance with Article 236 of the Tax Code. Based on pp. 4 paragraph 2 of Article 236 of the Tax Code the place of sale of works and services is recognized as a place of business or any other activity of the buyer, works and services. This subclause lists the types of services and activities; services on organizing exhibitions are not included in this list.

Consequently, the place of supply of works and services will be determined in accordance with pp. 5 paragraph 2 of Article 236 of the Tax Code on the place of business or any other activity of the person performing the work, providing services, i.e. the place of supply will be the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Based on the mentioned above, exhibition organization services, provided for residents and (or) non-residents, are taxable circulation (income), and subject to taxation in the commonly established order.

VAT in the Customs Union

According to Article 2 of the " Protocol on the procedure for levying indirect taxes during performing work or providing services in the Customs Union" the collection of indirect taxes for the performance of works, rendering of services is carried out in a Member State of the Customs Union, whose territory is recognized as the place of supply of works and services.
According to Article 3 (paragraph 1, pp. 1, 4) of the Protocol, the place for the performance of work, services is recognized as the territory of a Member State of the customs union if:
  • Works and services are directly related to immovable property situated in that State. These provisions shall be also applied to services of renting, hiring and providing of the property for use on other grounds.
  • The taxpayer of the State purchases advertising services. According to Article 1 of the Protocol, the following terms are used:
  • "immovable property" - land, subsoil, isolated water bodies and all that is firmly connected with the land, that is, objects, the movement of which without disproportionate damage to their purpose is impossible, including forests, perennial plantings, buildings, facilities, pipelines, power lines, enterprises as property complexes and space objects.
  • "advertising services" - services for the creation, dissemination and distribution of information intended for unspecified persons and designed to generate and maintain interest to the physical or legal person, goods, trademarks, works and services by any means and in any form.
Thus, in accordance with Article 5, if the taxpayer performs or renders several works and services, the procedure of taxation, which is regulated by this Protocol, and the implementation of some works, services is subsidiary in relation to the implementation of other works and services, the place of the implementation of subsidiary works and services is the place of implementation of major works and services.

Thus, since the main services of «ITECA» LLP for the resident of Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus is to provide equipped/unequipped space at the exhibition hall, i.e. services on providing of real estate (buildings and structures) for the use, the place of supply of such services is recognized as Kazakhstan, since immovable property (exhibition hall) is located on the territory of Kazakhstan. In this case, the place of supply of related to services having auxiliary character (making sales catalogs, banquets, stand construction, etc.) is also recognized as Kazakhstan, i.e. the place of supply of basic services. According to the abovementioned rules, the cost of «ITECA» LLP’ services for the resident of the Customs Union is subject of the Kazakh VAT according to the tax legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Once we receive an application form filled out according to all the rules (signed and sealed), it is registered in our system. The selected location of the stand in the pavilion is considered to be temporarily reserved for your company before the first payment for participation. After receiving the payment, the stand is considered to be booked for your company for the period of the respective exhibition and will not be changed without the written consent from your side.

The signing of a contract is mandatory. We kindly request that you send the details of your company along with the application form for exhibiting (in electronic form in editable format) to accelerate the process of drawing up the draft contract.

For the convenience of our members from around the world, in addition to our national currency - tenge, we accept payment in euros or Russian rubles (rate and payment in euros is according to the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the date of payment), British pounds (payments in GBP is available only for I.T.E Exhibitions & Conferences Limited (London office) clients).

Usually, the organizers and exhibitors exchange the original contracts and accounting documents at the exhibition. You can always contact the organizers directly at the exhibition hall regarding this issue. If you need to receive the original contract in advance to make your payment, please contact the manager/coordinator of the exhibition.

As a rule, our members use the electronic version of the invitation for the mailing. Usually we prepare this invitation 2-3 months before the event. If you do not receive an invitation for any reason, please contact the manager of the exhibition.

The organizers have created a number of additional marketing opportunities for companies wishing to use the commercial potential of the exhibition and to get the maximum benefit from participation, including: conducting seminars, workshops, master classes, placing a banner on the website of the event, sponsorship of events or individual options. You can get more information from the manager of the event.